Ethiopians in Vancouver Strongly Condemn the Barbaric Killings of Ethiopians in Libya and South Africa

Thirty Ethiopian Christian young men killed by barbaric, terrorist ISIS group in Libya

VANCOUVER, BC – April 22, 2015 — It is with deep sorrow and sadness that Ethio Abay Development Association of British Columbia (EADABC) received the inhuman and shocking news of the killings of Ethiopians in Libya and South Africa.

EADABC condemns — with the strongest terms possible — the senseless and barbaric execution of thirty (30) Christian Ethiopian young men in Libya, by Islamic State (IS); and the cruel killings of Ethiopians by xenophobic local people in South Africa.

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Thirty (30) Christian young men of Ethiopian origin were executed this week in Libya by IS. Fifteen (15) of them were beheaded at a Mediterranean beach, and the other fifteen (15) were showered with bullets at close range in a desert part of Southern Libya. The same terrorist group beheaded 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya in February 2015.



IS video showing execution of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya (graphic content, viewer discretion is advised):

Full 29 minutes Video (limited to USA viewers only by publisher) (graphic content, viewer discretion is advised):

South Africa:
Ethiopians were stabbed to death and badly hurt in South Africa this week. The xenophobic attacks were encouraged by a minority Zulu King to drive other Africans out of South Africa. In addition to the killings, properties and businesses belonging to foreign Africans have been totally destroyed.

Yemen has fallen into a chaotic state recently and civil war has started in the country. Using the misery and havoc created as a cover up, the Yemeni anarchists have been killing and attacking their own people, and Ethiopians have also been caught up in the cross fire. The Ethiopian government has started to evacuate its citizens from Yemen.

EADABC would like to express its heartfelt and deep condolences to the bereaved family, to friends of the victims, and to the entire Ethiopian people. We will always remember these young men in our thoughts and prayers. May their souls rest in peace. We shall overcome such evil acts with integrity and good deeds.

Ethiopians are hurting:
Ethiopian families mourn their loved ones killed by ISIS –

Condolences from around the world:

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The Ethiopian government has declared three (3) days of national mourning in respect for the lives lost at the hands of these bestial thugs. EADABC stands shoulder to shoulder with Ethiopians globally and the international community to wipe out these savagely cruel, primitive and wicked group from the face of the earth.

Ethiopia’s foreign minister, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, denounces terrorism and explain how Ethiopians live together peacefully (Amharic Audio – Click on the red circle):

Supporting Quotes:
“Ethiopia is one of a handful countries globally where Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Pagans have lived peacefully side by side, respectfully for centuries”, says Kidest Zeleke, EADABC President. “Ethiopia has done so much for Islam; from hosting Arabian refugees when they fled persecution in the 7th century to declaring Muslim holidays as national stat holidays in the country. It really pains me to witness such kind of brutal killings of Ethiopians in the name of religion in Libya”.

Ethiopia supported the ANC and Nelson Mandela unconditionally during the Apartheid rule, from training Anti-Apartheid fighters to issuing Ethiopian passports to Nelson Mandela and his comrades in the 1950’s and 1960’s”, says Kassa Seged Mengesha, EADABC PR Director. “We are deeply disturbed by the killings and attacks of Ethiopians in South Africa.”

“The attacks in Libya were committed in the name of the religion of Islam, and in the name of Allah”, says EADABC Secretary Biadegeligne Zeleke. “True Islam is a religion of peace, and the Merciful Allah has nothing to do with such barbaric acts; in fact, the Quoran teaches to respect human life. A true Muslim doesn’t do such killings.”

“Terrorism is a global phenomenon, affecting all of us globally, no matter where we live”, says Abiyou Mengistu, EADABC Vice President. “I am very surprised the killings in Libya and Kenya did not get much media coverage in the West; especially, given that Ethiopia and Kenya are fighting terrorism in support of the West”.

“Ethiopia and Kenya are a strong allies of the West, and participate in the global war against terrorism, fighting Al-Shabab, and other terrorist organizations”, says Aynalem Berhe, EADABC Treasurer. “Unfortunately, due to this engagement, Ethiopians and Kenyans have become attack targets”.

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