The 2015 Ethiopian Diaspora Festival to Open Today in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Schedule Included)

The first ever Ethiopian Diaspora Festival will open today, August 12, 2015 at 2:00 PM at the Millennium Hall, near Bole International Airport. The festival, scheduled for five days (August 12 to 16), is geared towards engaging the Diaspora to participate in the development of the country.

Several speakers are scheduled to share their experiences and leaders of the country are also expected to address the crowd. By noon today, there were thousands of people trying to register at the hall. Those who pre-registered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office can avoid the lineup and go to the badge collection desk and claim their “Participant” ID card.

Provided that there is an Internet access at the hall, we will tweet live using our twitter handle ethioabaybc –

The high level schedule is as follows (East African Time, EAT):

Wednesday, August 12, 2015:

  • 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM – Registration;
  • 2:00 PM – Opening

Thursday, August 13, 2015:

  • 8:30 AM – GTP1 and GTP2 Discussion

Friday, August 14, 2015:

  • 8:30 AM – Panel Discussion

Saturday, August 15, 2015:

  • 8:00 AM – Visit Addis Ababa and Bishoftu

Sunday, August 16, 2015:

  • 2:00 AM – Closing

We have also been informed that a visit to the GERD site and/or Gilgel Gibe site will be arranged after the festival is completed; sometime next week.

We will update this schedule as it becomes available.

Happy event to everyone, and we sincerely thank those who organized this event!

We look forward to attending this historic event!!!





President Obama Visits Ethiopia

President Obama’s speech at the Ethiopian National Palace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:

President Obama’s speech at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

በውጭ አገር ለሚኖሩ ኢትዮጵያውን የተላለፈ ጥሪ – To all Ethiopians In Diaspora (Video)

Diaspora Festival will take place from August 12 to 19, 2015 in Addis Ababa.

The people of Ethiopia are inviting all Ethiopians in Diaspora to this very important festival.

በውጭ አገር ለሚኖሩ ኢትዮጵያውን የተላለፈ ጥሪ – To all Ethiopians In Diaspora

Watch this video:

The New Diaspora Policy in Amharic and English

The Diaspora Policy document has been improved and re-written after a detailed research on previous directives and implementation of the activities pertaining to the Diaspora.






Ethiopia is now the Fastest Growing Economy in the World (Top 13 Countries List)

Editors note: Ethiopia is truly growing exponentially. Investors are lining up to get the piece of the action in this big, ancient, and dynamic country, inhabited with hard-working, almost 100 million people. We are very proud of what Ethiopia has been able to accomplish so far, considering the economy is totally non-oil! This growth is just the beginning. More amazing development — that will contribute to the growth of the country — is on the pipeline. Go Ethiopia Go!!!

The 13 Fastest-growing Economies in the World

Jun. 12, 2015

China’s crazy growth has been one of the biggest stories over the past several decades.

But the Chinese economy certainly isn’t the only one posting huge growth rates.

We compiled a list of 13 countries with the highest projected compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2014 through 2017 based on the forecasts from the World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects.

Keep in mind that the fastest-growing economies typically aren’t among the largest, most developed ones. In fact, most of these countries suffer from high income inequality, low levels of per capita gross domestic product, elevated political instability, and rampant corruption.

13. China

13. China


2015 GDP: +7.10%

2016 GDP: +7.00%

2017 GDP: +6.90%

2014-2017 GDP CAGR: +7.10%

Economy: China is a manufacturing powerhouse and exporter, and many believe that its economy will surpass that of the US within the next decade. The government faces major problems, however, as the country transitions into a consumption-based economy. Additionally, per capita income is below the world average.

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

12. Rwanda

2015 GDP: +7.00%

2016 GDP: +7.00%

2017 GDP: +7.50%

2014-2017 GDP CAGR: +7.12%

Economy: Ninety percent of the population works in subsistence agriculture or mineral agroprocessing, while tourism, minerals, coffee, and tea round out Rwanda’s economy. Though the country has taken significant steps forward since the 1994 genocide, 45% of the population still lives below the poverty line.

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

11. Tanzania

11. Tanzania

Reuters/Finbarr O’Reilly

2015 GDP: +7.20%

2016 GDP: +7.10%

2017 GDP: +7.10%

2014-2017 GDP CAGR: +7.15%

Economy: Tanzania has recently seen high growth rates because of gold production and tourism. The economy also runs on telecommunications, banking, energy, and mining, as well as agriculture. In terms of per capita income, however, the country is one of the poorest in the world.

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

10. Mozambique

2015 GDP: +7.20%

2016 GDP: +7.30%

2017 GDP: +7.30%

2014-2017 GDP CAGR: +7.30%

Economy: Mozambique has attracted large investment projects in natural resources, which means the country’s high growth rates should continue. Some analysts believe that Mozambique might be able to generate revenues from natural gas, coal, and hydroelectric capacity greater than its donor assistance within five years.

But the vast majority of the country works in subsistence agriculture, and over half the population remains below the poverty line.

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

9. Bhutan

9. Bhutan

Reuters/Kamal Kishore

2015 GDP: +7.90%

2016 GDP: +8.40%

2017 GDP: +7.00%

2014-2017 GDP CAGR: +7.55%

Economy: Bhutan has a small and relatively undeveloped economy that relies on hydropower, agriculture, and forestry. It exports a large amount of hydropower to India, which has the potential to “spur sustainable growth” in the next few years — as long as Bhutan works to fix its “chronic delays in construction.”

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

8. India

8. India

Reuters/Arko Datta

2015 GDP: +7.40%

2016 GDP: +7.80%

2017 GDP: +8.00%

2014-2017 GDP CAGR: +7.57%

Economy: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s India has received high marks from analysts, even with delayed reforms. The services industry is a major source of India’s economic growth, accounting for nearly two-thirds of its output with less than one-third of its labor force. Yet problems such as corruption, poverty, and discrimination against women and girls continue to hold back the country.

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

7. Papua New Guinea

2015 GDP: +16.00%

2016 GDP: +5.00%

2017 GDP: +2.40%

2014-2017 GDP CAGR: +7.60%

Economy: Eighty-five percent of the population works in agriculture, and a small sector exports natural resources including mineral deposits such as gold, copper, and oil. But the government has numerous problematic areas, including security for investors, poor investor confidence, the privatization of state institutions, and the restoration of integrity to state institutions.

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

6. Cote d’Ivoire

2015 GDP: +8.00%

2016 GDP: +7.70%

2017 GDP: +7.50%

2014-2017 GDP CAGR: +7.80

Economy: About two-thirds of the population works in agriculture-related industries. The country is the world’s largest producer and exporter of cocoa beans and is also a major player in the coffee and palm-oil industries.

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

5. Uzbekistan

2015 GDP: +7.60%

2016 GDP: +7.80%

2017 GDP: +8.00%

2014-2017 GDP CAGR: +7.87%

Economy: Uzbekistan has been slowly transitioning from its Soviet past to a market-based economy. It’s the fifth-largest cotton exporter and also has natural gas and gold. Notably, the country is working toward enforcing bans on child labor in its cotton harvesting.

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

4. Myanmar/Burma

2015 GDP: +8.50%

2016 GDP: +8.20%

2017 GDP: +8.00%

2014-2017 GDP CAGR: +8.30%

Economy: Myanmar, one of the poorest nations in Southeast Asia, started an economic overhaul in 2011 in an attempt to reintegrate into the global economy. The country has a young labor force and natural resources, and it has attracted loads of foreign investment.

Living standards for the majority of population, however, have not improved much.

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

3. Democratic Republic of the Congo

3. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Junior D.Kannah/AFP/Getty Images

2015 GDP: +8.00%

2016 GDP: +8.50%

2017 GDP: +9.00%

2014-2017 GDP CAGR: +8.62%

Economy: The Democratic Republic of Congo has huge natural-resource wealth, which it hasn’t been able to efficiently monetize because of systemic corruption, conflict, and political instability. That said, its economic is slowly recovering since the tumultuous 1990s.

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

2. Turkmenistan

2. Turkmenistan

Reuters/Aman Mehinl

2015 GDP: +8.00%

2016 GDP: +9.00%

2017 GDP: +9.00%

2014-2017 GDP CAGR: +9.07%

Economy: Turkmenistan’s extremely corrupt economy relies on two major industries: cotton and gas. The former Soviet republic, which has the fourth-largest known gas reserves in the world, recently started sending its gas to China, and it may even start shipping gas over to Europe.

But “prospects in the near future are discouraging,” however, “because of endemic corruption, a poor educational system, government misuse of oil and gas revenues, and [the capital’s] reluctance to adopt market reforms,” according to the CIA Factbook.

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

1. Ethiopia

1. Ethiopia

Reuters/Barry Malone

2015 GDP: +9.50%

2016 GDP: +10.50%

2017 GDP: +8.50%

2014-2017 GDP CAGR: +9.70%

Economy: Ethiopia’s economy is mostly agriculture-based, but the government has made a push to diversify into manufacturing, textiles, and energy generation. But while the country has seen and (per the World Bank) will continue to see high GDP growth, per capita income remains ones of the lowest in the world.

Source: World Bank, CIA World Factbook

Article Source:



Information on Amhara Region Diaspora Festival (Planned for 2016)

Note: The Oromia Diaspora Festival takes place in August 2015. The Amhara Diaspora Festival will take place in the summer of 2016.

ለመላው የአማራ ተወላጆች ኢትዮጵያንና ትውልደ-ኢትጵያን በሙሉ የቀረበ የልማት ጥሪ፣

እንደሚታወቀው የኢትዮጵያ የዳያስፖራ ቀን ከነሐሴ6-10/2007 ዓ.ም ( ከኦገስት 12-16/2015) በአዲስ አበባ በታላቅ ድምቀት ለማክበር ከፍተኛ እንቅስቃሴ በመደረግ ላይ ነው፡፡ ይሕው ብሔራዊ የዲያስፖራ በዓል አከባበር እንደተጠናቀቀ የአማራ ብሔራዊ ክልላዊ መንግስት የአማራ ተወላጆች ኢትዮጵያዊያንና ትውልደ-ኢትጵያዊያንን በክልሉ ባለፋት ሁለት አስርት አመታት ባካሄደችው ዘርፈ ብዙ የልማት እንቅስቃሴዎችንና የተገኙ ውጤቶችን በማስጎብኘት የፓናል ውይይት ለማድረግና በቀጣይ በክልሉ የኢንቨስትመንት ፍሰት የሚጠናክርበትና የዲያስፖራው ተሳትፎና ተጠቃሚነቱን ለማጎልበት በሚያስችሉ ሁኔታዎች ላይ ለመምከር በዝግጅት ላይ ይገኛል፡፡

የአማራ ብሔራዊ ክልላዊ መንግስት እስካሁን በክልሉ ለተመዘገቡት ውጤቶች መገኘት የክልሉ መንግስትና መላው የክልሉ ህዝብ ትኩረታቸውን ድህነትን በማስወገድ ዘላቂ ልማትን ለማረጋገጠ ባደረጉት ሁለንተናዊ ርብርብ ላይ የዲያስፖራው ሚና ልዩ ስፍራ ሊሰጠው እንደሚገባው ያምናል፡፡ ይህ እንደተጠበቀ ሁኖ ሀገራችን በ2017 መካከለኛ ገቢ (low middle income) ካላቸው አገሮች ተርታ ለማሰለፍ በሚደረገው ርብርብ ላይ የክልሉ መንግስት የበኩሉን ሚና እንዲያበረክት ማስቻል ሲሆን በቀጣዩ ሁለተኛው የአምስት አመት የዕድገትና ትራንስፎርሜሽን እቅድ ዘመን መንግስት፤ የክልሉ ህዝብና ድርጅታችን ብአዴን በተደራጀና በተቀናጀ አግባብ ከግብርና ወደ ኢንደስትሪ በሚደረገው መዋቅራዊ ሽግግር እና የሀገሪቱን ሕዳሴ ለማረጋገጥ በሚደረገው ሁለንተናዊ እንቅስቃሴ ውስጥ ዳያስፖራው እያበረከተ ያለውን ድርሻ ይበልጥ በማጐልበትና በማጠናከር፣በክልሉ/በሀገሪቱ የትራንስፎርሜኑን ጉዞ ስኬታማ ለማድረግ የላቀ ሚና ለመጫወት ነው፡፡

ከላይ የተገለፀውን ክልላዊና ሀገራዊ ግብ ለማሳካት፤ ክልሉን ለማልማትና በየደረጃው የሕዝቡን ተጠቃሚነት ለማረጋገጥ በዚሁ ዘርፈ ብዙ የልማት እንቅስቃሴ ላይ የአማራ ተወላጆች ኢትዮጵና ትውልደ-ኢትጵያንን በጉዳዩ ላይ በግልፅ በማወያየትና መግባባት ላይ በመድረስ ከወትሮው በተለዬ መልኩ ተሳትፏቸውንና ተጠቃሚነታቸውን ለማሳደግ ሰፊ እንቅስቃሴ በማድረግ ላይ ነው፡፡ በመሆኑም ከላይ በተደጋጋሚ እንደተገለፀው የጉብኝቱና ውይይቱ መሠረታዊ ዓላማ የአማራ ተወላጆች ኢትዮጵያንና ትውልደ-ኢትጵያንን ከክልላቸው ብሎም ከሀገራቸው ጋር ያላቸውን ትስስር ይበልጥ በማጠናከር ራሳቸውን ሕዝባቸውንና ሀገራቸውን እንዲጠቅሙ በሚያስችሏቸው መስኮች ሁሉ የነቃና የተደራጀ ተሳትፎቸውን ለማጎልበት የሚያስችሉ ምቹ ሁኔታዎችን በጋራ ምክክር ለማረጋገጥ ያለመ ነው፡፡

ስለሆነም ከተለያዩ የዓለም አገራት በአዲስ አበባ ለሚከበረው ብሔራዊ የዲያስፖራ በዓል አከባበር፣ በራሳችሁ ፕሮግራም ወደ አገር ቤት የመጣችሁ፣ እንዲሁም በተለያዩ የአገራችን አካባቢዎች በኢንቨስትመንትና በልዩ ልዩ ሙያና የልማት ሥራዎች ላይ በመሳተፍ ላይ ያላችሁ የአማራ ተወላጆ ኢትዮጵያንና ትውልደ-ኢትጵያን የብሔራዊ በዓል አከባበሩ እንደተጠናቀቀ በክልሉ ርዕሰ ከተማ ባህር ዳር ላይ በሚደረገው የምክክር መድረግ ላይ እንድትገኙለት የአማራ ብሔራዊ ክልላዊ መንግስት በአክብሮት ጥሪውን እያቀረበ በያላችሁበት ሆናችሁ በኦንላየን መመዝገብ ትችሉ ዘነድ በውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስቴር መ/ቤት ሥራውን የሚያስተባብሩ ባለሙያዎች፡-

1. አቶ ደመቀ ዘመነ ሽፈራው  ሞባይል፡ +251 913 81 37 80  የኢሜል አድራሻ፡

2. ከበደ በየነ ብሩ  ሞባይል፡ +251 939 48 04 83 የኢሜል አድራሻ፡

3. ሞላልኝ አስፋው አያና ሞባይል፡ +251 911 22 10 53 የኢሜል አድራሻ፡

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European Council on Tourism and Trade Selects Ethiopia as The Best Tourist Destination for 2015

July 4, 2015



On June 25, 2015 the General Assembly of the European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT), has taken under consideration the list of candidates for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION for 2015.

Academician Dr. Mircea Constantinescu, Director of European Tourism Academy presented the list of candidates and the list of reports and accompanying reports for each of the 31 countries registered candidatures.

28 countries representatives analyzed the candidatures for WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION IN 2015 

Professor Dr. Mircea Constantinescu presented also the figures regarding previous award winner for 2014-The Republic of Zimbabwe who become the most sought after destination and the number one country in Africa, in term of tourism growth for last year.

Lao PDR- 2013 winner of WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION– also crossed the 3 million tourist bench mark, surpassing all the countries in the region in terms of tourism, concluded Academician Mircea Constantinescu.

Afterword, the debate on the WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2015 started at the indication of ECTT President-Professor Dr. Anton Caragea.

On the front the voting urne while Professor Dr. Anton Caragea MA, FINS, ETA present the report: ETHIOPIA: THE LAND CHOSEN BY GOD! 

On the debate for the WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD FOR 2015, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea, President of European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) presented a report titled: ETHIOPIA : THE PERFECT CULTURAL DESTINATION; THE LAND CHOSEN BY GOD !

He proposed ETHIOPIA as the winner of WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2015 and as receiver of the FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION distinction for 2015.

The report noted the reasons for awarding WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2015 PRIZE to ETHIOPIA:

• The excellent preservation of humanity landmarks such as: ruins of the city of Aksum- the heart of ancient Ethiopia, Fasil Ghebbi- the residence of the Ethiopian emperors during the 16th and 17th century, Harar Jugol- 82 mosques, 102 shrines, and unique interior design in the townhouses, Lalibela- holy site encompassing eleven medieval stone carved churches from the 13th century, Konso Cultural Landscape (containing 55 kilometers of stonewalled terraces and fortified settlements), Lower Valley of the Awash-where humanity made his first steps and where was found the Eva of all mankind-Lucy fossil’s, Lower Valley of the Omo also containing fragments pertaining to early humanity development and the fossils of Homo Gracilis.

All this sites where recognized as being of world significance and registered as UNESCO World heritage monuments.

Palestine, Russian and Malaysian Ambassadors flanking President Anton Caragea and Senator Florin Constantinescu

• The rich cultural and historical legacy of Ethiopia is not confined to the previous presented list: new prominent landmarks are added such as: Sheik Hussein Religious, Cultural and Historical Site, Melka Kunture- Paleolithic site in the upper Awash Valley, Gedeo Cultural and Natural Landscape, Bale Mountains National Park, Sof Omar Cave- the longest cave in Ethiopia at 15.1 kilometres long; and the longest system of caves in Africa-sacred for Islam and for local Oromo population.

In order to fully grasp the natural potential of Ethiopia natural parks and natural reservations we must look at the potential of Simien National Park garnering mountain peaks, deep valleys, and sharp precipices dropping about 1,500 m.


• The ambitious plan drafted by the Government of Ethiopia under the name of Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP). Tourism as a tool for poverty eradication, for local community development and for economic independence is a successful strategy carved by H.E. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.

Community based, social oriented tourism, promoted by Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, is a perfect way of sharing revenue, growing income and supporting marginal and rural communities development.

The way in which socila-tourism has become the base for local economic development, providing benefits to communities, makes social-friendly tourism, the lesson that today-the REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA is offering to the world.

• Giving tourists access to outstanding and pristine nature and the opportunity to explore nature, to contribute to ecological preservation, and the opportunity to visit extraordinary places.

All these regions and national parks, are a model of achieving ecological and green tourism that must be recognized throughout the world.

• The ongoing development and protection of cultural, religious and historical shrines of the Republic of ETHIOPIA , the transformation of Lalibela into a historical and spiritual centre, offering to the visitors a glimpse into rich culture and heritage of peoples of ETHIOPIA.

Shaking and smiles on the venue of European Council on Tourism and Trade: tourism is going well is the motto!

Lalibela is the land of faith and miracles that must be presented to the world as a center of religious and faith significance equal to Jerusalem only in the world.

Lalibela must be the center of religious pilgrimage and cultural tourism offering to world tourists the complex healing experience of cultural legacy, religious special atmosphere and faith imbued air.

• The preservation of outstanding historical and cultural heritage in the form of the former capital of the Kingdom of Ethiopia, the Gondar cultural complex , an ample palatial complex from the 13th Century, offering a pungent presence of one of the African greatest empire.

• Today, Gondar castle complex offers tourists bound for Ethiopia an open air museum with a rare collection of historical and archaeological treasures that educate and enrich the world.

• The REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA is also a perfect center for safari and adventure tourism, offering large areas suitable for this special kind of tourism, and the necessary infrastructure to welcome the adventure seeker, its safety and peace, makes the country, one of the world’s top adventure destinations.

• Keeping alive community blending traditions, allows tourists and visitors to be part of the ETHIOPIA unique people’s ethnic fabric, which offers the possibility for an enriching cultural experience, are all achievements that make the REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA a perfect cultural class destination.

Mr. Mihai Prundianu, Chairman of the Trade Mission of the ECTT, marked the necessity that, out of the regular order, to have another African country declared as WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION in sign of continuity for last year and as appreciation mark forPresident Robert Gabriel Mugabe , the current President of African Union and Zimbabwe Tourism Minister-Walter Mzembi.

This year we have to select another African country to mark Europe and world solidarity with Africa and Africa`s Union President Robert Mugabe.

It is appropriate for Europe to express its commitment to, and appreciation for, Africa by crowning ETHIOPIA as THE FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION AND WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2015 stated Chairman Mihai Prundianu.

Senator Ionel Agrigoroaiei, Director of European Parliamentary Committee in the European Council on Tourism and Trade and Senator of Romanian Parliament stated the opinion of all present at ECTT conference and declared that the REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA is the deserving candidate, with a perfect record of promoting social-friendly tourism, ecological and poverty reduction strategy based on tourism, and asking for a unanimous vote in favor of the REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA.


President Dr. Anton Caragea asked for a vote and European Council on Tourism and Trade decided, unanimously, to award WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2015 TITLE TO REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA and to declare REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA- THE FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION in 2015.

The meeting was also presented with the Official Invitation, from the Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn of the REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA via the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mr. Amin Abdulkadir, for a delegation of high ranking officials of the European Council on Tourism and Trade, to present the WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION AWARD in Addis Ababa, in person, to His Excellency Prime Minister of REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA- HAILEMARIAM DESALEGN, European Academician and outstanding personality in world tourism, today.

Concluding the debate, Professor Anton Caragea, President of the European Council on Tourism and Trade marked the importance of the moment the most impressive world tourism prize was entrusted to ETHIOPIA.

The safety of the country and the huge hospitality potential of Ethiopia is revealed by the acceptance of the invitation for a familiarization visit of high ranking members of European Council on Tourism and Trade to the ETHIOPIA.

Ethiopia is from today a perfect, safe and outstanding place to visit, the countries gates are opened and all world tourism experts expressed their confidence in the potential and future of tourism in ETHIOPIA, concluded Professor Anton Caragea, President of the European Council on Tourism and Trade.



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The world’s best tourist destination for 2015?

It’s not Spain or New Zealand, but somewhere far more obscure, according to the European Council on Tourism and Trade

Ethiopia tipped for tourism boom

A rock-hewn church at Lalibela Photo: AP

The world’s best tourist destination? It’s not Spain, the US, or even Telegraph Travel readers’ favourite country New Zealand, but Ethiopia, according to the European Council on Tourism and Trade.

The East African country, which suffered a series of famines in the 1980s but can boast some of the continent’s most dramatic landscapes, was praised by the non-profit association of EU tourism organisations for its “excellent preservation of humanity landmarks”.

The country’s highlights include the monolithic rock-hewn churches at Lalibela; the Simien Mountains National Park, a Unesco World Heritage Site that is home to a number of endangered species, including Ethiopian wolf and walia ibex; and the otherworldly Danakil Depression, with its colourful sulphur and salt lakes.

Other attractions flagged up during the annual ceremony were Fasil Ghebbi, the residence of the Ethiopian emperors during the 16th and 17th century; Harar Jugol, containing 82 mosques and 102 shrines, and the Konso Cultural Landscape, featuring 55km of stonewalled terraces and fortified settlements.

The Danakil Depression (Photo: AP)

In its application for the award, the Ethiopian government identified tourism as a key area if it is to tackle poverty. “Ethiopia is the deserving candidate, with a perfect record of promoting social-friendly tourism, and a ecological and poverty reduction strategy based on tourism,” said Senator Ionel Agrigoraoiei from the European Council.

The best of Ethiopia

The group clearly enjoys backing an underdog – last year’s winner was Zimbabwe; in 2013 it was Laos.

However, few of the candidates that applied for consideration this year were typical tourist destinations – they included Nigeria, Algeria, Congo DRC, Jordan and Kazakhstan.

The Simien Mountains National Park (Photo: AP)

Just 20,000 Britons visit Ethiopia annually, but Kuoni, the luxury tour operator, tipped it (alongside The Philippines and La Reunion) for a surge in visitors earlier this year.

Djibouti: Africa’s hottest new travel destination

Its trips feature Lalibela, the low-key capital Addis Ababa, the towns of Gondar and Bahir Dar, the Bale Mountains National Park and the Simien Mountains National Park.

Parts are off-limits, however. The Foreign Office advises against all travel to within 10km of the borders with Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya and Eritrea, and to parts of the country’s north-eastern and south-eastern regions.