How Attractive is Ethiopia to Foreign Investors? (Video)

Ethiopia is one of Africa’s top performers economically, growing at an average of 10.4 perecent yearly over the last decade. Eventhough the financial and telecom sectors are off limits at the moment, the country has become the darling of investors.

Zemedeneh Negatu, Managing Partner at Ernst & Young Ethiopia tells the FT’s Katrina Manson why investors are flocking to the country, and whether it is really restrictive to foreigners.

Truly great investment opportunities exist in Ethiopia!

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Ethiopia has a Potential to Generate 1 Million MW of Power from all Energy Sources, Says CCTV

A power sector conference just concluded in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, has agreed to tap into the country’s huge hydro resource to make the country self sufficient. The conference also emphasized the country’s plans to export power to neighbouring countries.

Ethiopia has a potential to generate 1 Million MW of power from all energy sources, including wind, hydro, thermal and more.

CEO of Ethiopian Electric Power, Engineer Azeb Asnake, says, “there is no any limit in generation capacity” for investors. So, investors can invest in any range of capacity. Additionally, investors can benefit from tax holidays, as the government is encouraging investments in power, manufacturing, agriculture and many other industries.

Ethiopia is currently exporting 100 MW of power to Djbouti and 32 MW of power to Sudan.

CCTV’s Girum Chala reports:

Progress Report on Addis Ababa Light Railway Project

Progress Report on Addis Ababa Light Railway Project

Ethiopia: Addis Ababa Light Rail project 73% complete

September 5, 2014

Ethiopia has several ambitious infrastructure projects across the country from the massive Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam to Ethiopia’s first light rail transit in Addis Ababa. The 34km light railway project is similar to Subway or Sky Train.

Ethiopia’s state-run news agency reports that the construction of the Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit project has been 73% completed;. The project is on time and under budget.

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Report from the 9th Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum Held on August 2-3, 2014 in Washington, DC

The 9th Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum was held on August 2-3, 2014 at The George Washington University and Grand Hyatt Washington, respectively.

This year marks the 9th year since The Ethiopian American began organizing the annual business Forum. The Forum reviewed opportunities and challenges on “Investing in Ethiopia’s Emerging Technology Sector” in recognition of the growing importance of technology as a key driver of innovation in the Ethiopian economy; Investments in the power sector was closely looked, as one of the most attractive investment and technology transfer areas, where investments from the Diaspora is poised to make a lasting impact.

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Selam Radio Interviews Shimelis Bezabih (also known as Laureate Tsegaye)

Selam Radio in Washington, DC, interviews activist Shimelis Bezabih (also known as Laureate Tsegaye in Ethiopian PalTalk forum).

Shimelis introduces himself and talks a little bit about his bio and background; how he abandoned his support for opposition and instead became a supporter of the development of Ethiopia after seeing the reality in the country.

Shimelis, who resides in Switzerland, is very articulate, intelligent, positive, engaging, and a passionate speaker. He is well versed in the Amharic language, and is doing whatever he can to support the current development in Ethiopia.

The interview is powerful and to the point.

Audio interview (28:12)

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