CCTV’s Talk Africa Reports on The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

CCTV Reports:

The Multi-million dollar Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam is Africa’s biggest hydro-project and the world’s ninth largest. The dam is being constructed on the River Nile.

Ethiopia presses on with this crucial multi-billion project.


Ethiopia Hires Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan for a 1Billion USD, 10 Year Note, Bond Sales

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Ethiopia has been growing at a double digit rate for the past decade and that has led to ratings of B1 (Moody), B (Standard & Poor), and B (Fitch) by three financial institutions.

Ethiopia via hired banks (Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan) will start organizing a series of fixed income investor meetings across Europe and the US starting Wednesday, November 26, 2014.

The following two articles talk about Ethiopia’s effort to tap into international bond markets to reportedly raise around US$1bn through a 10-year note.

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Ethiopia has a Potential to Generate 1 Million MW of Power from all Energy Sources, Says CCTV

A power sector conference just concluded in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, has agreed to tap into the country’s huge hydro resource to make the country self sufficient. The conference also emphasized the country’s plans to export power to neighbouring countries.

Ethiopia has a potential to generate 1 Million MW of power from all energy sources, including wind, hydro, thermal and more.

CEO of Ethiopian Electric Power, Engineer Azeb Asnake, says, “there is no any limit in generation capacity” for investors. So, investors can invest in any range of capacity. Additionally, investors can benefit from tax holidays, as the government is encouraging investments in power, manufacturing, agriculture and many other industries.

Ethiopia is currently exporting 100 MW of power to Djbouti and 32 MW of power to Sudan.

CCTV’s Girum Chala reports: