Report from the 9th Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum Held on August 2-3, 2014 in Washington, DC

The 9th Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum was held on August 2-3, 2014 at The George Washington University and Grand Hyatt Washington, respectively.

This year marks the 9th year since The Ethiopian American began organizing the annual business Forum. The Forum reviewed opportunities and challenges on “Investing in Ethiopia’s Emerging Technology Sector” in recognition of the growing importance of technology as a key driver of innovation in the Ethiopian economy; Investments in the power sector was closely looked, as one of the most attractive investment and technology transfer areas, where investments from the Diaspora is poised to make a lasting impact.

The Forum also featured this year a Private Equity Pitch Session (PE Pitch Session) in recognition of the growing interest of Private Equity firms in the Ethiopian economy. Diaspora entrepreneurs in many ways have led the way in attracting a significant share of Private Equity investments in Ethiopia. The PE Pitch Session was organized with the view that more investment could be attracted if the opportunity was presented both to businesses and PE firms. Four PE firms and five SME companies have presented at this year’s inaugural PE Pitch Session.

The Forum and Awards Dinners attracted a large number of Ethiopians from the Diaspora and Ethiopia as well as American businesses and professionals, who are interested in business and investment opportunities in Ethiopian and the U.S.

EBS TV “Life in America” host Asfaw Meshesha caught up with a few of the attendees in this great interview:

Please share your thoughts in the comment box below about this video and whatever you have in mind regarding the Diaspora investment in Ethiopia.




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