Remarks by President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn in New York City

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and his team had a great meeting with US President Barack Obama and his team on the sidelines of the NY environmental summit. The meeting discussed common interests like investment, economic development, regional security, and more.

“I think theres no better example than what has been happening in Ethiopia — one of the fastest-growing economies in the world”, says President Obama.

Watch the video below (full speech, in text, is found below this video):

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Investment In Ethiopia – Behind The Steam (Video)

ERTA just released a video entitled “Investment In Ethiopia Behind The Steam” today.

Learn the secrets of Ethiopian development success …

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What do you think about Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Festival in Addis Ababa?

What do you think about Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Festival in Addis Ababa?

Tigrai Online, Sept. 20, 2014

What do you think about Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Festival in Addis Abeba?
What do you think about Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Festival in Addis Abeba in 2015?

This article is about holding a Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Festivalin Addis Abeba. We are purposing for all Ethiopians inside Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Diaspora throughout the world to organize a fundraising party for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in Addis Abeba in 2015.

The main goal of this gathering is to facilitate the fundraising efforts by the Ethiopian people to complete our GERD on or before the scheduled time of completion.

There has been a valuable lesson learned from the International Festival Tigrai held in Mekelle, Tigrai, Ethiopia in August 2014. Thousands of Ethiopians from all over the world came to Tigrai to participate in the festival which was held inside Ethiopia for the first time. It was a huge success for the organizers of the festival which was planned to coincide with the traditional Tigrai Ashenda Festival.

If it can be done in one state can’t it be done in a much bigger national scale? It can definitely be done in a better and bigger scale.

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Ethiopian Patriots Visit the Grand Ethiopian Renaisance Dam (Video)

Members and senior leaders of Ancient Ethiopian Patriots Association (AEPA) visited the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Among the visitors was Lt. General Jagama Kello, 93, who punished the invading Fascist Italians during the Ethio-Italian war of 1935 to 1940.

Jagama Kelo
Ethiopian patriot, Lt. General Jagama Kello (Photo Awramba Times/Sisay Guzay)

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Ethiopia Adopts Mobile Technology for GERD Fundraising: Lottery and SMS Text

The government of Ethiopia has introduced new methods to raise funds locally for construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, a multi-billion dam being built over River Nile.

The National Council for the Coordination of Public Participation on the Construction of the Dam has introduced two programs to raise funds – Mobile SMS and Lottery.

Fana Broadcasting Corporation and Ethio Telecom have agreed to offer these services for free of charge. The fundraising program will last for six months, ending in March 2015.

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Ethiopia’s Improvements Should Allay its Critics

By Tibor Nagy | August 5, 2014
Nation’s economic growth has brought social progress

Regarding the Houston Chronicle editorial about Ethiopia, “Do Better” (Page B7, July 29), while one can take a snapshot of Ethiopia’s current political, economic and social circumstances and find areas for serious criticism, it would be much fairer to view where Ethiopia is today in relation to where it has come from, and especially to where it is headed.

I served as a U.S. diplomat twice in Ethiopia, as a member of the U.S. embassy staff in the mid-1980s during the awful days of the Marxist dictatorship at the height of the “Great Famine,” and again as ambassador from 1999-2002.

I have also returned to the country a number of times since then to help facilitate educational exchanges between U.S. and Ethiopian universities. In my experience, for most Americans, “Ethiopia” still conjures up images more reminiscent of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse than today’s reality.

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Kenyan Scholar Says: Ethiopia is Rising – It is time for Kenya to Wake up and Compete


In one of my blog posts, I wrote about Ethiopia’s infrastructure development. As usual Kenyans were in denial but the fact remains that Ethiopia is advancing faster than any other African country.

The World Bank report says “Over the past decade, Ethiopia has achieved high economic growth, averaging 10.7 per cent per year. In 2012, Ethiopia was the 12th fastest growing economy in the world. If the country can continue its historically impressive growth performance, it could potentially reach middle income status by 2025.”

We can choose to continue bragging as the largest and diversified economy in eastern Africa or get our house in order and begin to compete with the rest of the world. It is bad enough to be in a leadership position in a region with countries at the tail end of per capita income.

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