The Vision – The Addis Ababa City Light Rail (as broadcast on CNN)

Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa, is under going through a major transport construction boom that is expected to give rise to modern railways. The city light railway project, as it is called by the residents, will be its first mass transit system and a pioneer model transport system in the region. The rail network will connect the city from East to West and North to South, with a planned total length of about 75 kms. When finished, it will have more than 35 stations and run on electricity, as part of the countries new push for clean energy.

Dr. Getachew Betru, CEO of Ethiopian Railway Corporation, says, “This light rail vehicle will be travelling between stations within six minutes. Eventually, this number will be reduced to three minutes, and then finally to one and a half minutes, 90 seconds.”

The contractor’s workers say the digging, excavating, and laying of the tracks has been an uphill task in the busy capital, but the end seems to be insight. The ambitious multi-million dollar project, funded by public money and foreign loans, is expected to be complete by early 2015.

Watch the full CNN video below:

Watch Dr. Getachew Betru’s interview in New Delhi, India with “The Times of Africa” (published in March 2014):

Addis Light Rail System Stations Animation

Addis Ababa – Djbouti Railway, 656 Kms being built:

Addis Ababa, a City of Surprises


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