Report on Diaspora Policy Meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Audio)

Report by Tamrat Yemane, Addis Ababa Ethiopia June 2013

Report on the recently held meeting with Diaspora Ethiopians.

The foreign ministry held the meeting with Diaspora Ethiopians from all over the world to discuss on new policy on Diaspora and on ways to engage the large Diaspora population on development.

Click to listen to these open discussions (Amharic Audio):




It was a very frank, open, and well attended meeting that brought out a number of issues Ethiopia must do to improve the lives of the Diaspora returnees (and those who plan to return back).

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4 Responses

  1. Ethiopia has come a long way in the past decade or so. But, the government must wake up and use its Diaspora skills and finances to transform the country.

    The government should give priority to Ethiopians who are interested in investing in their birth country. Cut all the red tape immediately and facilitate all required for the Diaspora to engage in development.

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  3. Hi: doctor can you make a law of dual citizin of Ethiopia and all over the world countries!!!

  4. I would like to suggest and ask diasporas comity in Addis Abeba, Embassies of Ethiopian in different countries and including Dr. Tedros Adhanom to organizing on 2015 beginning of August a fundraising party for our GERD in Addis Abeba and calling/inviting all diasporas from all over the world who have been hosting fundraising party in their own cities in different countries in the world. It would be a great history for all Ethiopians/diasporas. It is similar idea like “Tigrai Festival” just recently happened in Tigrai; If this happening, it would be tremendous income not only for Abay Dam but for Ethiopia tourism industry too.
    Who ever read this and agree with this idea, please put your thought and let all of us make this to happen

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